Decorative Cages for Reptiles and Other Exotic Animals

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I recall enough of this country it has always intrigued me, although I didn’t live there long. My brother John Charles is older than I am 16 years, so he had the chance collect Butterflies and to explore the jungle in addition to a huge array of insects that he mounted in glass frame instances. His collection motivated me and was intriguing.

To no avail, it was Together with my attempt to imitate my brothers work. His methods with using steam to maintaining them, along with procedures was. We both left while I moved in yrs in 1970, when he went to England. of age.

During my youth that was later bugs collected to imitate my brother but never attained the capability to do so. I became attracted to the Amphibian & Reptile World since this started to intrigue me.

I started to construct my lizards that were anoles at age 14 my primitive noodle. The world then wasn’t common. Finding any wasn’t really available. The bird and fish world appeared to be available, but not the world, which made it learn about and more interesting to have.

Through time I learned carpentry, drafting and electric. I got married to my wife Tinamarie, in which I heard when we brought an Iguana back home in CT in a Styrofoam 40, she loved these kinds of creatures, and it was on our honeymoon.

My wife became sick for years soon. This is when I have concentrated my abilities in fabricating cages, as a craftsman. For the world because everything was concentrated on Fish & Birds. So my assignment was to channel my energies there appeared to be a requirement for housing for Reptiles.

I continues to be my helper for over 25 years and am delighted to say she’s doing. We’ve traveled to 36 states providing these enclosures for Museums, Residential, animal control company & Faculties stars.

These enclosures Each are hand crafted and designed specifically for the animal’s needs. These enclosures are suited to home reptiles so they could contain pools of water, because I’ve designed these. The majority of these enclosures are delivered and setup including configurations as a system by me.

And best of all is fast as it comes equipped with flush system & a simple rinse.

Since 1997 we’ve been building and delivering these pliers setting them up all.

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