Iran Fires Missiles at Two American Bases In Iraq

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The Middle East crisis is hotting up. After the killing of General Suleimani near Baghdad airport, the Islamic Republic of Iran has retaliated.

This seems to be in retaliation for the American airstrike that killed the general. CNN has reported that this attack means President Donald Tump is faced with the greatest test of his presidency thus far.

No reports of any casualties are reported.

The attack

The US military has confirmed that Al-Asad airbase in Iraq’s Anbar province was hit six times. The Pentagon confirmed that at least one base in the northern city of Erbil was targeted in the attack which commenced around 1:30 AM. The Khaleej Times has reported Tehran fired more than a dozen missiles

An upbeat tone was struck by the American president in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.

Proportionate self-defense

The Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said on Twitter that Iran has carried out this attack as a”proportionate measures in self-defense.

It is not clear whether any action will be taken by Iran . The general headed an operations wing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the elite al-Quds Force. The IRGC is trained and better armed than the regular army and has a power of about 150,000. Has a power of about 5000 and is positioned in Iraq.

No report of death or any damage has been reported. The United States stated that the bases had been on high alert and has said it was working on an initial assessment of the damage. An response was anticipated after the killing of the general.

This may be concluded from the statement of the foreign minister who has said that this attack was a response taken in self-defense.

Both the bases which were attacked house aircraft and US troops. The American forces in Iraq number about 5,000 plus they are ostensibly there to train the Iraqi forces in addition to fight ISIS. Animal Control Services Matters have been compounded with a resolution being passed by the Iraqi parliament asking for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

A crisis

President Trump is facing a crisis. He had suggested that the US would also target Iran websites but it seems that he has backtracked from this danger.

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