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While we use the word to describe these shelled reptiles that live by the water it actually refers to any shelled reptile there’s. In this section of the planet we generally refer to the property turtles as tortoises.

Although we divide the species in our heads by assigning distinct words, they are all one. It’s a bony leathery shell that grows together and is pretty much carried together for life.

Turtles are resilient animals and possibly among the greatest examples of evolved life on Earth. This is because they’ve lived longer than most any other species that has come together. They also lived another life changing tragedy a few million years later.

These guys back then were so nicely developed, that is to say they were such a perfect specimen of what they should be, the earliest fossils we know of aren’t much different than those that roam around now. Meaning that in the past millions of years turtles haven’t changed, and haven’t had to change, all that much so as to survive. Compare that with wildlife removal near me that have evolved dramatically from where we were only a million years back.

Nowadays turtles can be found anywhere. Populated or remote locations, in private aquariums or you could find some really large and old turtles in numerous zoos.

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